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Aug 9, 2019
Welcome to Nameoid.com. The Domain Name Marketplace and Forums. This forum began it's life in August 2019. It is targeted at Domainers. But all are welcome here. Being a brand new forum, there is currently no content and no members. Our ambitions are big though. Our intention is to be as big as the two most respected forums (who will remain nameless) in this niche within 10 years. Yes it's a huge ambition. 0 to 1 million users in 10 years.

Today, our primary focus is the buying and selling of domain names on the secondary domain market. We differentiate ourselves basically by ensuring buyers and sellers separate out their postings into several TLD categories. We have 4 TLD categories to choose from:-

You must post only .com domains in the Dot Com Category,
You must post only .net, .org .info, .biz, .pro, .asia into the Legacy GTLD Category
You must post only 2 char TLD's into the Country ccTLD Category
You must post only (.club, .xyz and about 2000 other New GTLD's) into the New GTLD Category

We have a much larger cap on Bargain Bin at $50, than the other forums. This is easy to remember. If it's below $50 it goes into Bargain Bin in the applicable TLD category. If it's above $50 it goes into Auctions, Fixed Price, Make Offer, or Wanted in the applicable TLD category. If you are selling multiple domains from multiple TLD Categories. you must post them in their respective TLD categories. Bulk domain postings are allowed, as long as they all belong to the same TLD Category.

We differentiate ourselves by:-
1) By arranging our sub-forums by Categories, in a very clear and straightforward manner. Dot Com, Legacy GTLD (excl .com), Country ccTLD, New GTLD.
2) Everybody is equal. You cannot buy a subscription, which allows you multiple accounts, and multiple thread bumps. Only 1 account is permitted per user. Only 1 bump per thread every 24hrs is allowed.
3) All the Domain Marketplace forums are set to no-follow for the search engines, like Google. This is both a blessing and a hardship. The blessing is you no longer have to worry about your buy or sale posts showing up in the search results. The hardship is we get very little traffic from the search engines. Unlike the other forums who set the permissions to follow their marketplace posts.

We also have a Service Marketplace for buying or selling anything domain related; hosting, programming, web design, logo design, brokerage, consultancy, et al.

Our Domain Discussions have 3 basic categories. Industry News, General Discussion, Domain Miscellaneous. All related specifically to domains. These will grow over time into more forums/sub-forums as needed. It will be largely up to the users involvement how quickly this expands.

Under Miscellaneous, there is a forum for Suggestions & Questions.

Finally. This is a free forum. But free does not mean it can be abused. Repeat offenders will be banned. Free in this sense means Open. There are no paid accounts. All user accounts are equal here. Which will inhibit most of the inequalities you find where paid accounts get extra privileges.

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