Domain Marketplace Rules

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Aug 9, 2019
These are the Forum Rules for the Domain Marketplace

Any Rule which applies to all Forums, also apply to the Domain Marketplace.

1) You must post domains in the appropriate top-level category, ie
a) Dot Com (ie .com) in the Dot Com sub-forums,
b) Other GTLD (ie .net/.org) in the Legacy GTLD sub-forums,
c) 2 letter Country TLD (ie .us/.ca/.uk) in the Country ccTLD sub-forums,
d) New GTLD (ie .club/.xyz) in the New GTLD sub-forums.

2) You must choose the correct sub-forum for your transaction, ie
a) Auction, Fixed Price, Make Offer domains (over $1000) must be posted in the Premium sub-forum,
b) Auction, Fixed Price, Make Offer domains ($50-$1000) must be posted in the Auction, Fixed Price, Make Offer sub-forums,
c) Auction, Fixed Price, Make Offer domains ($0-$50) must be posted in the Bargain Bin sub-forum,
d) Brandable domains listed on Brandable Marketplaces (ie BrandBucket) must be posted in the Brandable sub-forum,
e) Wanted domains must be posted in the Wanted sub-forum.

3) You must specify for items 2a) thru 2e)
a) The HEADER must include at least 1 full domain name and the word "etc" for multiple domains.
b) The BODY must include domain name, registrar, expiry date, renewal price, registrar transfer: yes/no, payment methods, plus...
Fixed Price: Price.
Auctions: Starting price, increments, bin (optional), auction period (max 168 hrs = 7 days).
Make Offer: No minimum is required but might be helpful. If no minimum specified, forum minimum is assumed.
c) Brandable: Body must include the Marketplace where domain(s) are listed, and Header/Body must comply with 3a&b above.
d) Wanted: Header must be relevant. Body must include realistic price range (min-max), payment methods offered.

4) Final thoughts
a) Any thread with no posts after 10 days will be automatically closed. (Temporarily suspended).
b) You must own the domain you are selling. No brokerage sales are allowed at this time.
c) All payment transaction costs (ie PayPal or Escrow Fees), are for the account of the Seller.
d) Sellers cannot insist on PayPal F&F payments. Payment by PayPal F&F is at the sole discretion of the buyer.
e) Any disputes which arise from the parties to a transaction, is for the parties to work out for themselves. We will help where we can.
f) Failing to comply with these rules or not completing a transaction will be punished. 1st offence: warning, 2nd offence: restriction, 3rd offence: ban.
g) Any fraudulent transactions will be treated severely with a permanent ban.
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